Engage our unique Chinese cultural programme, supported by the National Heritage Board

For students aged 5 to 10 in preschools, MOE primary schools, international schools, student care centres, and enrichment centres.

Large group workshop (~150 students / 1 - 1.5h)

Deepen your students' sense of gratitude (恩) via an immersive and interactive story-telling of the difficult journey Singapore's early migrants endured to start a new life in Singapore.

At a time when sea travel was far from the luxury cruises we know today, we will learn why many of our forefathers placed their hopes for surviving the voyage to "Nanyang" not in lifeboats and life vests, but in a mysterious ancient goddess known as Mazu (妈祖).

Known as the Goddess of the Sea, Mazu remains today one of the most recognisable and important icons in Chinese culture. She is famous not only in Singapore, where she is the patron deity at Thian Hock Keng, Singapore's oldest temple and a top tourist attraction, but also among the global Chinese diaspora scattered around Southeast Asia and the West.

In our workshop, we will use the dramatic arts in the form of immersive story-telling, role-play, unique props, and personal reflections to help students step into the tattered shoes of our forefathers and rediscover the sea - our fascination of it, our dependence on it, and its power over us.

We will introduce the ancient legend of Mazu from birth and the important life values she embodies, to help students appreciate the sacrifices our forefathers made for the lives they enjoy today.

  • Experiential learning

    We introduce children to the forgotten Chinese classics and the traditional life values they embody via immersive story-telling, role-play, original games, unique props, music & movement, and personal reflections.

  • Non-religious and multi-lingual

    Suitable for students of all religions and races. Can be delivered in Mandarin, English, or bilingual modes.

  • Large or small group sizes

    We have large group workshops (~150 students / ~1.5h) and small group workshops (~12 students / ~2h). Perfect for MT Fortnight, post-exam activities and holiday camps. We can explore customisation.

  • GeBIZ-registered

    Trading Partner Ref No.: 202224002Z

    Business Entity Name: Say Tian Hng International Pte Ltd

  • Highly qualified educators

    Conducted by Singaporeans trained at the Intercultural Theatre Institue, NAFA, Berries World of Learning School, Drama Box, Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity, Singapore Repertory Theatre, and MOE.

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