The legends of filial piety (二十四孝)

Learn about 孝 (filial piety) through the 700-year-old Yuan Dynasty text "24 Exemplars of Filial Piety", once widely used to impart Confucian values.

Activities include:

- Dramatic re-enactment of various stories of characters who were celebrated as exemplifiers of filial piety in ancient times. These include chapters from the text such as “Lying on the ice for carp” (卧冰求鲤), “Burying the children to support the mother” (埋儿奉母), and “Cleaning the chamber pot of your loved one” (涤亲溺器).

- Critically evaluate each of these tales and discuss whether they match the children's idea of what filial piety should be today. Explore reasons for the difference, if any.

- Guided imagination activity, bringing the children back to the time in their mother’s womb.

- Tracing the evolution of the pictogram of 孝, and how it represents a child piggy-backing a parent.

- Playing an original game about the concept of 甲骨文, oracle bone inscriptions used 3,300 years ago which were the origins of the Chinese language, as a way to illustrate why Chinese characters are pictographic.

- Gratitude exercise, with our very own 孝子 and 孝女 stickers as parting gifts!

Important to note:

* Note: If you had previously attended the "Journey To The Where?" workshop, pls do not sign up for this workshop as there are overlaps in content.

* Due to limited slots, bookings are non-refundable.

* This is a drop-off programme. Pls drop off and pick up your child after the workshop.

* Do note that by attending this workshop, your child will not understand the complete "24 Exemplars of Filial Piety". What we aim to do instead is to plant the seeds.

* Photos of the classes may be taken and used for publicity purposes.

* Curriculum is subject to minor changes.

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