Legend of Nü Wa (女娲) and Pan Gu (盤古)

Learn about 恩 (gratitude) through the creation myths of the ancient Chinese.

Activities include:

- Time-travel back thousands of years ago, to an ancient time when people asked - just like we do today - how the world began, and created answers as best as they could.

- Role-playing of the myth of Pan Gu opening the skies, and how he yearned for freedom and loved the world. Share the myth of Nü Wa's subsequent creation of man and mending the sky.

- Understand what these myths say about the different classes of society, and critically evaluate the idea: Is it inevitable? Or did the rich write the story to justify their superiority? 

- Understand how these creation myths reflect the belief of oneness of all beings and the concept of 万物有灵 (the spirituality in everything). In ancient times, these virtues made people humbler and more appreciative of nature and life than we do today. 

- Helping the children see that we have divinity and greatness within us. As the Islamic poet Rumi said: "You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.”

- Appreciate how oral history precedes written history, and play an original game to see what oral history looks like.

- Appreciating the value of stories: It’s not always about judging whether it is true, or whether we like it. Instead, appreciate the space they create for us to contemplate.

- Writing a creation myth of the children’s own imagination.

Important to note:

* Due to limited slots, bookings are non-refundable.

* This is a drop-off programme. Pls drop off and pick up your child after the workshop.

* Do note that by attending this workshop, your child will not understand the complete legend of Pan Gu and Nü Wa. What we aim to do instead is to plant the seeds.

* Photos of the classes may be taken and used for publicity purposes.

* Curriculum is subject to minor changes.

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