Help our children discover their roots and values.

Our workshops impart life values via a unique approach - by bringing to life the forgotten ancient legends passed down by our ancestors in a non-religious way. As featured in the South China Morning Post, Channel 8, and Channel NewsAsia.

"I don’t find Chinese cultural classes like this elsewhere." - Madam Loh, mum of 7-year-old

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For ages 7-9

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  • Non-religious & bilingual

    Suitable for kids of all religions. Taught in mix of Mandarin and English.

  • Experiential learning

    We use role-play, original games, immersive story-telling, unique props, music & movement, personal reflections, and more.

  • Highly-qualified educators

    Conducted by Singaporeans trained at the Intercultural Theatre Institue, MOE, NAFA, Berries World of Learning School, Drama Box, Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity, and Singapore Repertory Theatre.

  • "I don’t find Chinese cultural classes like this elsewhere." - Madam Loh, mum of 7-year-old

  • “Nowadays, it is difficult to get kids to enjoy learning about Chinese culture, but my daughter really enjoyed your workshops! They are like a soft entry to encourage their further interest. Thank you for making Chinese culture so accessible and appealing to the younger generation. It is important that they do not forget these fascinating classics.“ - Madam Ow, mum of 7-year-old

  • "I managed to use Liu Bei's strategy against Cao Cao as a teaching moment for my daughter." - Madam Cheng, mum of 8-year-old

In a future, cultural capital will be the new differentiator.

Knowledge will be commoditised. Cultural knowledge, however, will set your child apart.

Children grow up fast. Don't miss the window to plant the seeds of a lifelong love of Chinese culture.

Chinese legends contain profound ancient wisdom that can anchor us even today, especially for children growing up amid rapidly-changing times.

Unfortunately, most Singaporean Chinese children struggle to access and benefit from their cultural asset due to lower Chinese language proficiency, shorter attention spans, and an abundance of competing entertainment options.

The legends are also not easy for laymen to distil and present in an engaging and accurate manner.

This is a pity, for the loss of our children’s familiarity with Chinese legends reflects a
deepening erosion of their identity, values, and community.

Legends are, after all, the shared stories of our community, passed down lovingly over

At the Academy of Classical Chinese Culture, we seek to change this through workshops that help modern kids fall in love with ancient legends.

Our workshops are non-religious and bilingual (a blend of Mandarin and English), so language does not become a prerequisite (and hence, barrier) to Singaporean Chinese children discovering their own culture, the way it often is today.

We will bring the ancient legends to life for them in refreshing and unexpected ways, via immersive story-telling, experiential learning, role-play, original games,
unique props, music and movement.

Instead of uni-directional teaching, children will internalise the lessons of the legends via personal reflection exercises,
interpreting what traditional values mean in their modern lives. 

All our educators are Singaporeans, which is important to situate this ancient cultural heritage in the unique context of multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore. Our educators are trained at the Inter-cultural Theatre Institute, NAFA, Berries World of Learning, Drama Box, Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity, Singapore Repertory Theatre, and MOE.