Hello, friends from Tian Teck Keng! 天德宫的朋友,您好!

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Let's share our traditions with the next generation. 让我们一起把传统文化传承给下一代。

Premium workshops on the forgotten Chinese classics and the important life values they embody. For kids aged 5-10. Conducted in bilingual format so all children can enjoy regardless of Chinese proficiency.

We are providing a special 20% discount for children from Tian Teck Keng. Just apply discount code "TTK" when you check out. Limited slots available!


欢迎您参与我们的儿童班,以让孩子们有机会更深入了解欣赏神话故事以及它们所体现的人生价值观。适合 5-10 岁的孩子。

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  • Non-religious & bilingual

    Learn from the classics, regardless of your child's religion and Chinese language proficiency.

  • Experiential learning

    Learn Chinese classics via role-play, original games, immersive story-telling, unique props and personal reflections.

  • Highly-qualified educators

    We're Singaporeans trained at the Intercultural Theatre Institue, MOE, NAFA, Berries World of Learning School, Drama Box, Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity, and Singapore Repertory Theatre.





Ancient Chinese culture contains a wealth of wisdom.

But children nowadays struggle to access it due to lower language abilities, shorter attention spans, and wider choices of entertainment (think Marvel and Disney!).​

At our Academy, we use experiential drama-based workshops to help your child fall in love with with the legends, literature and philosophies from one of the world's oldest civilisations.

Instead of simply using these as tools for vocabulary-building as is often done nowadays, we will delve into the universal life values embodied by these legends, such as integrity, perseverance, courage, filial piety, compassion, and forgiveness.

We will use original games, unique props, immersive story-telling, music and movement, as well as your child's personal reflections to bring these stories to life.

For eg., we will use Hershey's chocolates to bring children into the world of the 14th-century novel, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. We will use forum theatre to deconstruct the "24 Exemplars of Filial Piety", a Yuan Dynasty text once widely used to impart Confucian values. We will reimagine the Journey To The West as a massive board game.

Our goal is not for your child to understand the plots of these legends from A to Z (which is actually not difficult), but rather to gain a deeper appreciation of the legends' metaphors, moral questions and, ultimately, relevance to their lives and future.

By doing so, we hope to develop a unique form of cultural capital in your child, preparing him or her for the future.