Learn something you can't learn back home

Our experiential learning workshops introduce international students to the legends held dear by the Chinese for centuries, giving them a differentiating appreciation of the Chinese civilisation's psyche and worldview, one that remains largely unchanged today. Non-religious and available in Mandarin, English or bilingual modes. For ages 5 to 14.

  • Highly qualified educators

    Conducted by Singaporeans trained at the Intercultural Theatre Institue, NAFA, Berries World of Learning School, Drama Box, Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity, Singapore Repertory Theatre, and MOE.

  • Experiential learning

    We introduce children to the forgotten Chinese classics and the traditional life values they embody via immersive story-telling, role-play, original games, unique props, music & movement, and personal reflections.

  • Non-religious and multi-lingual

    Suitable for students of all religions and races. Can be delivered in Mandarin, English, or bilingual modes.

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Limited slots. Please Whatsapp or email us for availability.