Hungry Ghosts Festival: Legend of the ghost-buster bros (大二爷伯)

Learn about trust (信) via the legend of the 1st and 2nd Granduncles (大二爷伯), also known as the Black White Impermanence (黑白无常).

Activities include:

- Reflection activity on finding opposites in the world around us. In Chinese culture, that is represented by the concept of Yin and Yang. They represent the 2 sides of everything: Heaven and earth, day and night, black and white, hot and cold, dynamic and static, hardness and softness. To every action there is a reaction. This is a delicate balance in life. 

- Original game on “Life Is A Balancing Act” involving 1m-long sticks, teaching children how in life, when we want something, we may have to let go of something else.  

- Introduction to the legend of the First and Second Granduncles, a forgotten and touching ancient tale of faith and righteousness.

- Introduction to the legend of an even lesser-known character: Third Granduncle, and his origin story involving his mistakes and his deep love for his mother.

- What is the meaning of the 戴孝 ritual, done at the funerals of our loved ones to show how much we miss and love them? We will guess what the different colours of the tiny cloth badges we wear at funerals mean, and how they remind us of our family ties.

- What clothes do we wear at funerals? Silk? Denim? Dri-fit? The answer is linen, because it is the most coarse and uncomfortable, not used to flaunt or impress. It is a material that helps us express our sadness and how we much we miss our loved one.

- Original game using abacas (the traditional calculator) on how good and evil are rewarded and punished, and to inspire children to lead good, upright lives. We may sometimes make mistakes and hurt others by accident, but we must then try to make up for it.

Important to note:

* Due to limited slots, bookings are non-refundable.

* This is a drop-off programme. Pls drop off and pick up your child after the workshop.

* Do note that by attending this workshop, your child will not understand all the legends associated with the Hungry Ghost Festival. What we aim to do instead is to plant the seeds.

* Photos of the classes may be taken and used for publicity purposes.

* Curriculum is subject to minor changes.

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