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Tues 5 Dec, 2pm-4pm

Journey To The Where? The Legend of Sun Wukong

Journey To The Where? The Legend of Sun Wukong

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Learn about 毅 (perseverance) through the legend of Monkey God and the 16th-century novel, Journey To The West.

For ages 7-10.

Non-religious and taught in bilingual format (blend of Chinese and English).


Date: Tues 5 Dec, 2pm - 4pm

Location: Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal St, #03-08, Singapore 199918 (This workshop is conduct at Chowk studio, our venue partner)

Activities include:

Instead of focusing on his powers and heroics, we will take a more unconventional approach and look at the mistakes he made. We will learn how he turned into a new leaf through reflection, courage and perseverance.

- Monkey time! Carefully observe and imitate the traits of primates, to understand the concept of Monkey-Mind: The tendency for humans, in spite of our intelligence, to be impatient, proud and discontented.

- To The West & Back In 60 min: Relive Sun Wukong’s life story, and analyse the wisdom (or lack thereof) of the choices he made, and why he made them.

- Games Of Want: Relate children’s lives today to Sun Wukong’s life through our original game. Explore humans’ need to possess more and more, to prove ourselves to others, and why we get discontented easily. Explain how Sun Wukong struggled with these too, and the hurt he caused others as a result.

- From Trials to Triumph: Understand how Sun Wukong finally turned into a new leaf, after a journey filled with hardship and tests. We will discover the lesson he learnt: That greatness can only be achieved through selflessness and love.

- The name behind the name: Understanding the metaphoric meaning of the name Sun Wukong: 悟 = enlightened, 空 = emptiness.

- Happy First birthday: We will introduce children to the 抓周 tradition, where objects symbolising career choices or personality traits are placed before a child at his or her 1st birthday. We will explore the tension between Choice and Luck. We will learn about the importance of discipline, forming good life habits, and not squandering our talents.

Important to note:

* Due to limited slots, bookings are non-refundable.

* Do note that by attending this workshop, your child will not understand the complete novel of the Journey To The West. What we aim to do instead is to plant the seeds.

* Photos of the classes may be taken and used for publicity purposes.

Parents can sit in to observe if space permits.

* Curriculum is subject to minor changes.

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