Learn about ancient legends & the dying craft of Taoist effigy-making.

  • Authentic

    Developed by a 126-year-old, 4th-generation heritage business, Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop (established in 1896). Where else can you hold and touch half-completed Taoist effiges? :)

  • Accessible

    We help tourists and locals appreciate this little-known cultural heritage, regardless of your prior level of knowledge.

  • Memorable

    If you're looking for something off the beaten track in Singapore, you've found it.

  • Show-and-tell session (1.5h)

    Location: Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop

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  • Walking tour (1.5h)

    Location: A nameless backalley downtown

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  • "This is no doubt one of the best and most informative experience I've ever had… This experience will always be memorable because it imparts values and lessons that we can never learn from mainstream text" - Esther

  • "It was extremely eye-opening to see a dying craft right in the heart of the city." - Deborah

  • "This is a tour I would highly recommend to anyone interested in hearing stories of a lesser-known part of Singapore history." - Limonium

  • "Literally one of a kind - no other traditional effigy making businesses survive in Singapore." - Anonymous

  • "This tour changed my perspective on my 'ancestral' beliefs. It opened my eyes and mind." - Natalie