The legend of Ma Zu (妈祖)

Learn about 责 (responsibility) through the 1,100-year-old legend of Ma Zu (妈祖), the Goddess of the Sea and the main deity of Singapore’s oldest temple, Thian Hock Keng. 

Activities include:

- Immersive re-telling of the origin story of Ma Zu, a special girl born in a coastal village who possessed intelligence, kindness and a photographic memory. In her free time, she studied the weather, astronomy, and searched for medicinal herbs to help the needy. Because of this, the villagers nicknamed her 小神医 (Little Physician).

- Reflection activity about the children’s surnames, to reimagine a time when the idea of 男尊女卑 (the favouritism of sons over daughters) was prevalent.

- Understanding how in order to fulfill what she saw as her life’s responsibilities, she renounced marriage (an expectation of girls in that era), and communicated this to her parents gently by adopting a unique hairstyle resembling a sail, spindle and halyard.

- Role-playing the 上头 ceremony in Chinese weddings, to illustrate the symbolism of hairstyles in Chinese culture. 

- Reliving the defining misadventure in Ma Zu’s life involving a botched sea rescue through role-playing our original game “Stop Mum!” (involving anklets with bells and Mee Sua / 面线).

- Understanding the role that Ma Zu plays, as the Goddess of the Sea, in protecting seafarers such as fishermen, sailors and early migrants to Singapore, at a time when sea travel was treacherous.

Important to note:

* Due to limited slots, bookings are non-refundable.

* This is a drop-off programme. Pls drop off and pick up your child after the workshop.

* Do note that by attending this workshop, your child will not understand the complete legend of Ma Zu. What we aim to do instead is to plant the seeds.

* Photos of the classes may be taken and used for publicity purposes.

* Curriculum is subject to minor changes.

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